About us

Connect Accounting was established in February 1998 by myself Sav Nicotra.

After having qualified as an Accountant in 1992, I had already gained many years experience in both public and private sector accounting. This experience included accounting for large corporates to private individuals tax computations. This experience has also allowed me to contribute to various accounting periodicals and also to prepare Vat and Tax Tribunals.

Along with accounting knowledge has come business experience and we at Connect Accounting share this experience with new business start ups and help with all areas including obtaining finance, employment law and even personal financial well being, although we are not financial advisors.

In 1993 I became a franchisee of a Vat Consultancy based in the West Country. Although I was specializing purely on reducing the Vat quarterly payments of the small cash retailers, I realized that the same service could be offered in all areas of Taxation including Company and personal tax.

Such a demand for not only reducing tax liability but for offering a unique personal accounting service resulted in the introduction of Connect.

We are a home practice based in Hertfordshire and because we are home based with reduced overheads, these savings are reflected in our fees. We trade as Incorporated Financial Accountants, and our practicing Certificate number with the Institute of Financial Accountants is 950.

Since engaging Connect Accounting as our accountant's we are please to say that our VAT is always up to date, likewise our PAYE and tax. They are approachable and readily available to discuss any issues which arise and their advice is always appreciated.

Jack Koumis
Parkview Construction